SaaS Reduces IT Cost and Positions You for Growth

To be successful in the direct-to-consumer marketplace, your company must be fast, nimble, flexible and scalable – virtually impossible with traditional on-premise software and fixed, proprietary order management systems.

NetSuite OMX is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that your users access over the Internet. The solution and underlying infrastructure is maintained in the cloud by NetSuite, meaning that you avoid the need for a large capital investment and a sizable IT team to manage in-house systems.

Benefits of Using OMX SaaS Technology

  • Substantially reduced IT costs. With a SaaS order management system you no longer have to worry about maintenance costs, software upgrades, custom programming, expensive proprietary hardware, additional licensing fees, help desks and the myriad of other costs that come with owning and maintaining on-premise software.
  • Flexibility and scalability. When you move your enterprise to a SaaS order management system, you can respond instantly to fluctuations in sales volume, order processing, fulfillment and shipping. Scale up, scale down, modify functionality and make changes on the fly without having to struggle with software modifications, customer service disruptions and additional capital expense.
  • We focus on the software, you focus on your business. As a provider of SaaS order management, NetSuite takes full responsibility for dependable and secure delivery, support and maintenance of our OMX technology, day in and day out. We'll even handle the training – it comes standard with every installation, large or small.
  • Pay for what you use. Because OMX is a true SaaS solution, there's no costly hardware installation, no per-seat licensing fees, no expensive and time-consuming integration, implementation and deployment process. You're up and running in no time.