Staying ahead of the competition in today's digital marketplace is tough and keeping up with technology is even tougher. If you're struggling with a legacy system or facing an expensive custom IT build-out, let us ease your burden. We've got an easy-to-implement, proven technology that'll take your growing business to the next level. Our powerful ecommerce order management software provides you with the scalability and flexibility you need to succeed in the direct-to-consumer (D2C) ecommerce marketplace.


Distributed Order Management (DOM)

Get an end-to-end order management solution that manages all aspects of the order lifecycle and ensures seamless control of customer orders, from order receipt to financial settlement. Plus, enable cross-channel customer self-service to meet the demands of today's customers.
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Retention Management / Continuity

Continuity programs, sometimes referred to as auto-ship or subscription programs, are marketing tools that encourage repeat purchases by enabling shoppers to sign up for regularly scheduled product deliveries with some form of automatic payment. These programs are the cornerstones of many successful D2C businesses and when done well become an important part of your customer retention management strategy.

CRM / Email Management

Enhance your marketing retention and acquisition efforts by using aggregated customer purchasing behavior data accumulated and processed over time. Boost your customer lifetime value and profitability by segmenting and targeting specific customers and then launch email, direct mail or outbound phone campaigns using lists you create in OMX.

Cross-Channel Self-Service

Improve customers' overall brand experience and cut your customer service costs by enabling them to access their information and perform routine tasks over the Internet. You can even reduce cancellations and returns with OMX's Save the Sale capability.

Reporting & Analytics

NetSuite OMX provides the capabilities to measure KPI metrics such as inventory turns, sell through percentage, days of supply, stock to sales ratio and gross margin return on investment. Create an unlimited number of custom ad hoc and production reports using metrics that reflect your business needs. Or, choose from a wide selection of prebuilt reports that cover the majority of the information you need to effectively analyze and manage your business.

Customer Service Management

One of the most effective ways to ensure that your customers have a positive experience with your company is to equip your customer service reps (CSRs) with the information they need to handle every order entry or service issue quickly and professionally. OMX features a role-based dashboard specifically for this purpose.

Marketing Campaign Management

With OMX, all your multichannel vendor and campaign data is gathered and consolidated for you in real-time in a single, unified data hub, ready for management, analysis and action. Every transaction ever created will be visible no matter where the order was captured. This allows you full visibility across the entire order lifecycle and enables more personalized messaging based on the profile and past purchase behavior of your customers.

Merchandise Planning & Demand Analysis

The extensive item, order and inventory data reports in OMX's wide-ranging reporting capabilities enable you to understand your business at a level you've probably never experienced.

Product Information Management (PIM)

PIM Plus™ centralizes product information through one single point of entry to provide consistent product attribute information that is then pushed out to all channels. What's different about PIM Plus is that it also provides a feedback loop back to the merchant that reveals valuable insight about customer intent based on product, customer and order/orderline attributes.

Back Order, Refund & RMA Processing

Effective returns merchandise authorization (RMA) processing ensures that you are controlling losses due to unwarranted refunds and lost inventory. NetSuite OMX has comprehensive RMA processing functionality so you can decide whether to issue refunds or exchanges immediately or after returns have been confirmed received.

Financial System Integration

Integrate your transactional data directly into your financial or ERP system, ranging from QuickBooks to NetSuite to Oracle. OMX serves as a rich sub-ledger for account detail including orders, payments, purchase order receipts and returns. Complete or summary transactional history can be exported to your financial system by way of APIs, secure FTP or batch files on a schedule of your choosing.

PCI Data & Security

We are committed to providing best-of-breed SaaS technology combined with an obsession with security. NetSuite OMX's PCI Level One Certification is just one example of the best practices in place to ensure your data is always secure.